Thursday, June 26, 2008


What is wrong with people? Am I crazy or is it the world?

Gil Student
deleted my comments on his blog again today! And this time I was just asking questions, the type of questions that every yeshiva bochur should ask. They were VERY polite.

Why do people like to believe in lies? If OJ's claims about God and the Torah aren't true, wouldn't you want to know about it? Why do people want to believe in lies so badly that they refuse to even allow questions in regards to that subject?

Avrum68... Quite the character. What can I say about the man? He rants and raves about skeptic bloggers being anonymous, yet who is this anonymous Avrum? I'd be afraid if he should ever find me. From the tone of his comments, I think this man hates me with a passion. And all I do is ask questions and comment on blogs! I do NOT threaten. I ask questions. I do NOT obligate people. I offer critical thought. And for this I get hate?!

Daganev... I can't understand the guy. I try and I try, really I do. But then he starts saying stuff like "Quite the fundamentalist you are," and "Your comments really make me laugh and writhe in pain." Daganev is the type that doesn't agree with anyone, and whenever I tell him that, he starts saying I have a "digital childish mind." How do you have a conversation with someone that you can't make sense of and that insults you if you try?

Rabban Gamiel... I really feel bad about ignoring him but I can't understand what he says either!

Jacob Stein... OY! He's got perhaps the SICKEST view of the world I've ever heard of. He suggests cannibalism and supports genocide... Need I say more?

Yus, aka whatever name he feels like using at that time... Probably the meanest believer that I've ever come in contact with. This man hurls more insults faster then Baal could zap you with thunder bolts and with greater agility then Hermes. Ever confident that he's argued his side beyond refute, this man thinks that loyalty to ideas that probably aren't true is somehow something. But don't say that he said anything because you are definitely misrepresenting him and if not... well I better not say.

Rabbi Joshua Maroof... I think much more highly of him now that I've tried asking questions of other blogger Rabbis. Though I don't know how he could possibly make the claims that he does, he has my respect. He hasn't deleted my comments, even though I asked much more pungent questions to him then I did to Rabbi Gil. Three Cheers for RJM!

Anyhow... I think I'll let off the bans for this post. This post was an emotional reaction to feelings of frustration that I've had recently. Please, don't take anything said here personally.