| Monday, September 15, 2008

I can't believe it! Obama strikes back with an ad calling shenanigans on the Republican sleaze campaign. Repent all ye sinners, for The End of Days is near!

| Thursday, September 11, 2008

Religion was my world. But then it turned out to be something other then I had imagined it. Then Truth became my God and my imagination of Truth was nearly as illusory as God. Then politics wooed me and I thought for a moment that politics was about debating political issues, but the sophists had it right. It's about convincing people to vote for you no matter how dirty, misleading, contradictory or war hungry.

Anybody know of anything else I can be enthused by, only to be disillusioned shortly after?

| Sunday, September 7, 2008

Palin err... McCain is leading in the polls. Seems I was totally off with this Palin pick. I guess I didn't realize the Republicans were such sex addicts. (For those who don't get it, that line was a parody on Jacob Stein)

If this keeps up and the American people decide that Palin err... McCain is who they want for president, anybody know of a good job and a cheap apartment in Canada? Or maybe I should make aliyah?

| Thursday, September 4, 2008

I hate being out of the loop! Click, and Click.

I hope to update my list soon. Any others, please let me know.

| Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I don't know what John McCain was thinking picking Sarah Palin. He looks uber hypocritical for picking on Obama's "lack of experience" now. Her "family values" will be scoffed at by the media because of her 17 year old daughter's pregnancy outside of marriage. She doesn't seem to add anything to the ticket but youngness (something he previously scoffed at) and femininity, neither of which are convincing reasons to vote for a person. The GOP ticket hasn't had it's bounce from the convention yet and I wonder if it will come at all.

The DNC was terrific. I still haven't watched all the speeches but what I saw I liked. Obama's speeches are less inspiring and more serious. His hair is getting greyer by the day it seems. Biden has his pros and cons.

Sarah Palin makes me dislike McCain even more. She is FAR too conservative. She wants Creationism taught in science class. She's pro-life. BTW, I hate that term. It makes any position other then that which regards the fetus as a human with equal rights from the moment of conception seem like a murderer. What bothers me more is that many Frum Jews purport to be Pro-life and that is NOT the halachic position. See the Tzitz Eliezer for an old Yerushalmi's view on the matter. If somebody knows the exact source please put it in the comments. Needless to say he's very lenient on the matter. He was a well known Rabbi at the hospitals in Jerusalem and of all the frum opinions that I've heard on the matter, I respected his the most. Please note that I'm not well versed on the matter, politically, scientifically, or halachicly. I think that abortion should be curtailed as much as possible (who doesn't?) but that it should be left as an option in certain cases.

Obama continues to impress me and has done it yet again, this time in regards to science. Click to read more.

I'm a skeptic of Obama's financial plans but for those that subscribe to the liberal spenders and the frugal conservatives stereotype, click.