| Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Please give your answer in the comments.

1.)Is there a very clear and distinct difference between loyalty to your religion and loyalty to your spouse?

2.) Would you allow someone to take your life before doing something antithetical to a personally held ideology such as Orthodox Judaism i.e. bow down to a crucifix and say the hail mary?

| Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You've gotta give it to XGH. He's got a great blog that was a key factor in getting me freedom from religion. But this hero of mine has devastated me.

XGH has been debating Yus (if it can be called debating) about the issue of loyalty to religion. Please see just about every post at the blog master's website for the past month. They were in constant use of an analogy between a wife that cheated on you and a religion that was unlikely to be true. I brought up making the distinction between loyalty to humans and loyalty to an ideology like Orthodox Judaism. I was shocked and dismayed to find out that XGH and Yus were unwilling to make such a distinction and seemed to be more willing to give up their wife then give up their religion.

I struck a nerve that is hard to hit with XGH and he decided to delete my comments. I'm sorry to know that XGH is more willing to censor humanitarianism then fundamentalism. Yus, Daganev, Rabban Gamliel, and Avrum68 have all made insane arguments and have constantly hurled insults at everyone, including the grandmaster himself. But his fight is against fundamentalism and not for humanitarianism.

Hopefully in time to come humans will become a more important issue then the death of fundamentalism for Jewish skeptic bloggers like XGH, but for now here is my lonely post.

I will gladly edit this post or even delete it. I hope I can... soon.

Update: Orthoprax cares more for humans then ideas! I just hadn't worded the question clearly at the time.