Monday, June 2, 2008

Things are picking up at work recently and I'll be putting more hours in at the office. I've also been trying to put in more time with experts by reading books then with the bloggers. All this means less time to blog.The interest is still there but the passion is already waning. I'm over the initial shock by now. My evangelical urges are pretty much under control. Though the real threat to society is Islam, I find that there are plenty of books and blogs raising our conscious about that. The Orthodox Jewish community was a concern of mine but there are plenty of Centrist Orthodox sites like RJM's David Guttman's and Harry Maryles's. Though they still have some dangerous hashkofos, since it is highly doubtful that Orthodox Jewry will ever control political policies in Israel or elsewhere, there's really nothing to worry about. The divides and schisms in Orthodoxy will continue to grow. I see the Hareidim becoming more insular, more backwards and unfortunately the Jews are developing their own version of the Amish. Hopefully they will become less violent and destructive like the Amish. Then there are the settlers that are causing more harm and danger to innocents, both Jewish and Palestinian, then they could ever imagine. No, I'm NOT putting all the blame on the Jews for the complications in the Middle East.

I'm going to take some advice that evanstonjew gave to Harry Maryles and apply it to myself. Those that are interested to know the falsehoods and wickedness that are found in religion, particularly fundamentalist religion, the links are on the side. There are blogs, websites, and books a plenty that are bashing, trashing, and other wise taking apart religious belief and fundamentalism. I'd like to put the focus of my blog on happiness, ethics, meaning, mysticism, scientific advance, and overall well being and progress for the universe, our planet and in particular the human race, all without the supernatural or beliefs in the supernatural, using science and by that I mean "the entire enterprise of secular reason and knowledge, including history and philosophy."

In short, I want to focus on the good life for those with a naturalistic worldview. I have interests in Taoist thought and biases towards my people, the Jews. Oh, and every now and again I'll put up something promoting Obama.

Onward, toward a good life.