Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a biological fact. Humans have altruistic tendencies. They also tend to be selfish but we've learned to be selfish in altruistic ways, for the most part anyhow. We are better off if we let the goose lay the golden eggs. A dead goose doesn't do much good.

We seem to be attracted and addicted to pain. Whenever we see pain we feel this need to go do something about it, even though the short term logical thing to do would be to run the other way. I've noticed that the most narcissistic blogs, the most negative blogs and this includes dark sarcasm and satire, get the most hits. FailedMessiah, XGH, sixmonthmalkie, and more. These blogs get crazy amounts of comments and hits. Yesterday I had a post with the title Blogging Blues and I got the most hits I ever did.

I'm tempted to start a new blog, in which I stage to be a yeshiva guy going off the derekh, sort of relive those days but pretend its happening now. Maybe I'll get more hits.

Nah, that won't do.

I used to be sarcastic and satirical in a funny sort of way before I got all depressed about religion being bogus. Then I vowed to be a bull headed skeptic for the rest of my days, never to be fooled by delusions again. But it seems that there is a superstition gene in people. Every so often I get soft about moderate religion or new age. Not for myself of course, but maybe it ain't all that bad for other people. Then I catch myself and I renew my skeptical fervor for reason and science. I'm starting to sound bi-polar.

Hmm... I'm trying to work out some ideas for original material.