Sunday, June 8, 2008

I have to be honest. I'm a new kofer, though I seemed to have been designed for it. I started reading XGH and Dovbear about a year ago and within a few months I was ignostic and then a few months later I became an atheist. And I was in yeshiva for most of the time???

I've read a bunch of archives, mostly from godolhador and the frum skeptics group. WOW! Mis-nagid was da man! But apparently he gives thanks to Hasidic Rebel as the real father of Jewish Skepticism on the web.

So anyhow, I realized that we are running out of believers to debate. Apparently, there were those back in the day that tried to follow the command in Avot that said, "Da mah lehashiv l'apikorus" (Know how to answer a heretic.) But now who is out there that can really answer the skeptics? Harry Maryles doesn't allow kefira on his blog. Gil admitted that OJ is based on faith and tradition and RJM is way too busy even though he says he has the answer.

Is it safe to say that the OJ should recognize the kofrim as a legitimate group? Do you think that OJ will ever allow free inquiry? Are there OJ Rabbis out there that actually addressing issues brought from critical thinking and skepticism?

Anyhow, I have a renewed interest in locking down my critical thinking skills. What I always wondered was, how are you supposed to know how to answer a heretic if you're not allowed to think about heresy? Hmmmmm...... maybe that's why most believers are so bad at defending their religion.

In other news... Though I will try my utmost to answer all comments, my posts will be sparing over the near future. I'm getting bored with this blog and I am too young and stupid to have anything to write about.