Monday, June 16, 2008

I’ve only been following the Jblogs for about a year, and only started seriously commenting for the past three months. Already, I’m realizing that bloggers, including myself, are helplessly biased.

Most of my comments have been on XGH’s blog, because I thought, without critical analysis, that he is looking for an objective discussion of Judaism. He is not. And he’s said it himself, countless times, that he is helplessly biased towards Orthodox Judaism. His latest post “My New Theology” has finally gotten the point through to me. He is Modern Orthodox, just a little more intellectually honest then most.

I’ve finally come to realize that I do not want anything to do with Judaism, the religion. I don’t care to redefine God, Torah, etc in an attempt to make Orthodox Judaism, or any other religion, intellectually defensible. Jewish Culture, on the other hand, I find to be worthwhile, and doesn’t need to be intellectually defensible. It’s just how Jews express themselves socially. We have our holidays, music, jokes, art, humanitarian concerns etc. and these things are by definition subjective and based in our ancient mythology. Each culture has something to bring to the table and the Jewish one is by no means anything to scoff at.

However, this doesn’t mean that Jewish culture is the end all, be all. Many cultures have attributed greatly to society. The Greeks, Eastern cultures, Arab cultures, Christian Cultures and more have made this world a better place to live.

I’m seriously considering signing off, until I can find something original to add to the blog world. Being yet another skeptic blog that has two readers isn’t worth my time.