Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not sure why, but I think that this is a cool holiday. It can't be too bad, as it is all about drinking wine and eating exotic fruits.

Tu b'shvat was made more significant because of the mystic Rabbi Isaac Luria. Mysticism has an odd attraction to me, even now. I don't believe in other worlds, though String theory, and some respectable philosophical traditions, seem to point to other dimensions that may be similar to that which mystical traditions hope for. But, like most things, I can't take it too seriously. Its fun to think about, nonetheless.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I like forests, and so having a Jewish holiday in their honor is nice. I'm not a tree hugger, (ok... Maybe just a little bit) but I do like trees. They can be so beautiful, and thinking about the potential of the mighty towering oak, contained in the acorn is inspiring and mind boggling. Its a comfortable metaphor that speaks to me. Though, there are other metaphors that might be more incredible, there's something about acorns and oaks that hits home.

So in honor of the trees, drink some wine and partake of their fruits and think of the beauty in having a delicious prepared food that's good for your health and brings delight to your taste buds. Oh, and plant one, or at least try to conserve them, as they are good for the environment which is quickly deteriorating. Not like I'll be doing any of that but it sounds responsible.

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