Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov talked a lot about talking to God in your own language. He felt it was the key to a vibrant relationship with God. I don't find talk about God to be fruitful for me, but I do find the practice of being by yourself and just talking your heart out to be therapeutic and a useful tool to working through your thoughts. I find this practice especially enjoyable when done in the meadows and forests. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't permit this, and its hard enough for me to make it to the gym, let alone setting aside time to meditate.

There are several types of meditation and I find this form to be the most relaxed and the easiest. I've always wanted to engage in Buddhist style meditation, but its so abstract and takes awhile till you feel like you're actually doing something.

The thing is, you feel insane at times, just sitting there, having animated conversations with yourself. Isn't talking to yourself the mark of a crazy man? But I figure that as long as no one sees me, and I'm not walking through the streets mumbling to myself, no one will know the difference.

Does anyone out there practice any serious form of meditation? Yeshivish Atheist mentioned it. Does he care to share some techniques and experiences?