Thursday, May 28, 2009

Based on my last post, if you take the two axioms as a given:

1) Knowing the purpose of life is a mark of Truth

2) Being first at something makes you the one and only, all other's being mere imitations,

Then Judaism, which knows the purpose of life (that is, to be fruitful and multiply) and was the first one to figure it out (God told us on our first day of existence) is the one True religion.

Ahh, but Genesis is mostly myth, you might argue. Meh, it's not a kashe. Its still our myth and we still made it up first. Ahh, but God spoke to the first humans before Judaism really came into the picture. Still not a kashe. Haraya that the Torah (aka the book with the secret to the purpose in life) was offered to the umos haolam first and since they all rejected it, it became distinctly Jewish. Like it says in the Medrash, God looked into the Torah and Created the world and if nobody would have accepted it, the world would have reverted to tohu uvohu. Its because if the humans wouldn't have accepted the purpose in life, then there taka wouldn't have been any life. And without life you have what? Tohu vavohu!

Hatzair Hakoton,
Freethinking Upstart

May we soon see that the purpose of life will soon put us out of a purpose if we keep pursuing our purpose uninhibited, with the coming of Mashiach Tzidkeynu, b'mhera!