Sunday, October 5, 2008


Now that's out of the way, there were two good parts in this 100 min. film. In one part he loses patience with a Neturei Karta Rabbi and basically walks out on him. Mad Props. Even Bill Maher has his standards.

Second he shmoozes with this Father/Priest/Cardinal (I can't keep track of Catholic titles), by the Vatican. This man was very open and honest about his religion, unapologetic, and gave me a hearty laugh. He was my favorite person in the whole movie.

Bill Maher is an idiot. He can be funny at times but he is utterly clueless about religion. This movie is comparable to someone like Ben Stein making a movie about Evolution... Oh... wait, he did that. Lameness she'b'lameness. (Translation: The epitome of lameness).

My 8 year old cousin could have pieced together a better presented documentary with Windows Movie Maker.

If you aren't a believer there is somewhat of a chiyuv (obligation) to see it but don't waste the $10 to see it in the theatre like I did.

Oh... and at the end he attempts a moving diatribe against religion to convince his watchers religion is irrational and evil. It made me cringe with disgust. My advice to Bill... Don't quit your day job. You suck at movies about religion.